Well done is better than well SAID. -Benjamin Franklin

Rob Fraser Web DevelopmentImportant words to remember. Talking about doing something is easy. Starting something, and finishing it is hard!

Being able to start and push something through to completion is one of the biggest reasons for success for many people. Unfortunately, many of use struggle with this, at least I know do.

That is why deadlines are so important. Having a line in the sand that forces something form the “Important” pile to the “Important and Due Soon” pile. Knowing what is important and that it has to be finished means it needs to be worked on.

For a long time I’ve thought and planned about how I was going to redo my website. There was nothing wrong with the old one. It told you who I was, some of the things I had worked on and how to get a hold of me. Yet, I saw a lot of room for improvement. Things I knew could be done better, things I wanted to be done better. Unfortunately I have not do anything about it, unlit recently.

Yesterday I finally broke my website and got started on the new one. The nice part about doing this is it gave me a deadline. Something that I knew I had to stick to and focus on making. Now you might think breaking the old website (taking it down) was dumb. Why not just work on it offline? Well, taking it down and starting a fresh installation is what makes this deadline real to me. Now there is a need to get it done, now there is pressure because of the traffic that will come and not see anything, and most importantly now there is a promise as to when the new site will be up.

Now I might not get everything done perfectly in that time, but at least it makes me stretch for a high bar. Whenever I’m tempted to sit and plan, I know I need to quickly move from drawing paper to working on the site again. Taking that time away creates the pressure I know that I need to get thing done.

What have you been planning and thinking about for a while?

What have you been putting off and not doing? Can you give your self a deadline? Is there a way you can start to put pressure on yourself to move it forward?

Share it in the comments. Send an email to someone – your boss, your spouse, your friend – and tell them when they can expect a business proposal, the kitchen to be finished, or you to finally pay them back for dinner last week. Once someone else is expecting it maybe you will start talking about something and start getting it done.

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