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Thanks to the hard work of the two awesome members of the Ontario Hospital Association team – Katie Bryne and Ashley Weinhandl the webinar on Social Media are now live. There are 4 different perspectives on social media from various perspectives (Manager, MD, RN, Communications). If you sign up you can view any of the four videos you are like.
Let me know what you think. Always interested in dialogue and discussing the ideas and challenges others are facing.
Free Webcast Series:Leveraging the Growing Popularity of Social Media
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Enhance your understanding of social media and how to leverage its growing popularity

The rapidly-evolving social networking phenomenon has lead to uncertainty in many fields, health care included. The reality is, social media is here to stay. It has become a proven way to reach, engage and cultivate relationships with your colleagues, stakeholders, and other audiences.

This webcast series offers a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of social media, and how best to leverage its growing popularity to effectively communicate with patients, caregivers and health care organizations.

Download this 4-part webcast series to hear:

One Janice Nicholson, Senior Manager of Strategic Communications at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) discuss SickKids’ success with social media to improve the patient experience
Two Dr. Paul Dempsey of Quinte Pediatrics provide a doctor’s perspective on how to use social media to connect with patients and the community
Three Rob Fraser, Registered Nurse and Digital Tool Strategist share his insights on the challenges nurses encounter with social media and the advantages of using social media for research
Four Colleen Young, Founder of Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) discuss the strategic launch of #hcsmca and how this group is engaging the health care community.

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photo of Janice Nicholson
Janice Nicholson
Senior Manager, Strategic Communications,Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
photo of Dr. Paul Dempsey
Dr. Paul Dempsey
Quinte Pediatrics
photo of Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser
Registered Nurse and Digital Tool Strategist
photo of Colleen Young
Colleen Young
Founder, Health Care Social Media Canada


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