The CICC: A cluster of innovation in complex care


On Tuesday I stopped by the Centre for Innovation in Complex Care, at UHN’s Toronto General Hospital. It was not my first time coming by their weekly innovation rounds, and it definitely won’t be my last.

Three years ago I came across the teams work while exploring other innovation focused groups during my time at the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Looking for unique places that foster new approaches to healthcare problems. CICC is an approach that stands out, and the results and growth they’ve experienced speak to the strength of their approach.

Consisting of an interdisciplinary, inter-organizational team CICC seeks to incubate innovation. Their take a LEAN approach to managing projects, trying to keep a focused group of individuals with the knowledge, skills and ability to test and implement change involved. This means they do not only have traditional research leaders involved, and they reach out and encourage participation by all types of healthcare providers.

@CICCuhn projects

Each week at their innovation rounds they welcome their team members and guests to catch up on their progress to date. Using their deep pool of talent they are able to update everyone about the progress of projects, and solicit suggestions for overcoming barriers or how to take things to the next level. This approach keeps projects moving and the outputs high. It also allows for a discussion rather than long chains of emails to a large group. Within an hour you can hear about what the group has been working on, you might help them create new solutions, and projects might even gain a few more helping hands.

Project updates @CICCuhn

Overall this approach is a fantastic one. They are able to pull in those that are passionate about making changes that work. Over the past few years I’ve watched them develop partnerships, expand projects, and integrate cutting edge approaches such as: design thinking, quality improvement, lean project management, and the list could go on.

While I haven’t always been able to attend, due to my work in other areas, every time I do it is a breath of fresh air. Now that a few years have passed since I first went to CICC I’m wondering if this type of innovation cluster is still fairly unique, or are there others at different organizations like it? Let me know I’d love to hear about other organizations that developing their ability to collaborate and implement new ideas and solutions in healthcare.

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