Speaking with students: Talking about the risks and benefits of using digital tools in a social age


This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association 2012 Ontario Regional Conference. I’ve  enjoyed being involved with CNSA since 2007, and was honoured by a Lifetime Membership in 2011. It is always fun going back to these conference because students are full of energy and excitement.

In the talk I gave this weekend I was speaking with students about the benefits and risks of using digital tools in a social age. Now, many may thing that this is a dull subject for students since they are more likely to use social media, to have smart phones and be technologically literate. Besides the fact that stereotypes are never universally true, students are the most at risk. This is because they are more likely to use them, less likely to fully understand the professional implications (since a lot of this is new) and because they have less power. There are numerous cases where mistakes students made has led to being expelled, because a school did not like what they did. This is a heavy handed approach, and in some cases courts agreed. I think as educators and leaders we have to teach healthcare professionals about the risks of these tools, and provide leadership by demonstrating how to use them positively.


You can find the slides below. In there I suggest a few tools that made some of my school a lot easier. I’d love to hear from you, do you have any recommendations that would help students?

Thanks to Alfred Lam for inviting me. I had an awesome time!


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