Looking out side the profession

What is the future of the nursing or healthcare going to be? I guess your answer depends on how you define future. Do you mean this week, year, decade or century?

Speaking about innovation often leads to questions about the future. Discussions about  better, best or the right direction to head can create great dialogue. In resource constrained environments we often think about the very short-term.

Innovation still happens in scare environments. In fact, it needs to! Projects that occur in this environment are pragmatic and problem focused. Trying to create small efficiencies to free up more resources to lead to further change.

Often I think the discussion can get fixed on short-term change. Keeping the focus on small changes and incremental improvement. It makes sense, a logic approach. However, sometimes it takes more creativity to really create transformative change.

Last week I saw a video from the New York Times. A video about how you can amplify a video to see motion that is invisible to the naked eye. Now that might seem boring after first, but 2 minutes into the video you can see that the technique can pick up a person’s pulse.

The thought was mind-blowing. To think about how something so simple could reduce the cost of equipment. All home monitoring or prevent the need to wake up patients to check on them during the middle of then night.

This is a simple example that is easy to relate to healthcare. There are many other areas of study, interest and places people are exploring. It is important for healthcare providers to remember this and take time to explore outside our own walls.

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