Know what tools are right for you

Many people want to know what is the best. Whether it is an email service, social media platform or mobile phone. The short answer is, there isn’t one.

No service is perfect or every will be. What is good today isn’t necessarily going to be the best tomorrow. In the real world this is why people have tool kits, not a single tool.¬†Also, what a service can or cannot do or what hardware is more powerful may not be that important.

home made tool set

When deciding or trying tools it is important to be open minded, and focused on results. Recently I switched phone companies. I saved $60 a month, got a better data plan and unlimited North American calling. It sounds like a no brainer solution. Obviously, I should switch. The only downside is I had to give up my iPhone and move to Android.

Now, I was open minded and the hardware and Google integration sounded appealing. So I made the switch. The first couple of hours were PAINFUL but I kept at it and was constantly surprised with what I could do for the next few weeks. However, slowly the fascination wore off, and the customization didn’t make a big different. My phone contacts turned into a mess (syncing solutions that didn’t work very well), the apps seemed laggy and I stopped using my phone except when I had to. I went from an advice user of my last phone to a point where I would lose my Note II for hours at a time and not notice. This tool was not right for me.

Fortunately the iPhone is now supported by WIND, so when my Note II got a bit wet I replaced it with a iPhone 5. I’m happy again. Already I can see how much I’m using my phone again. Leveraging apps to text friends more again, calling colleagues and learning more because I have all my podcasts easily synced and ready to go.

Everything I do is possible with an Android, and I learned why some people love it. At the end of the day it just wasn’t a fit for me, and that is important to know. On paper you can always argue one reason or another to make a decision. The key is once you make a decision being open minded about the solution and rigourous on the evaluation of its performance.

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