Changing How We Train Others

Recently I was listening to a great Harvard Business Review podcast interviewing Salman Khan, of the Khan Academy. He said something that really resonated with the way I think and react to meetings and learning.

If people are meeting, they don’t need a lecture; if you don’t need them to interact, information should just be in a video or a memo.

He elaborated saying that anything longer than 3 minutes without interaction at their organization is transformed into a video or memo. A fantastic idea! Imagine that THREE MINUTES.

There are so many meetings that are training/education rather than interacting. For example, rolling out a new process, training on new tools, explaining why decisions were made that could be put into a better format.

This is a technique I’ve used for helping groups learn to work with digital tools. Why host a meeting where you train a few people, which will expand and/or change in the future? Recording a short explanation of it allows the training to be reusable and time together becomes focused on exploring questions and testing competency with the new skill.

Making Training Videos by Christine und Hagen Graf

The entire podcast is worth a listen to get an idea of where the future of education and life long development are heading.

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