Leadership is not just for the board room.

Healthcare Clinical Leadership is ImportantLately I’ve been listening to a great podcast by Scott Weingart, called the EMCrit Podcast. The show is a great way for physicians, nurses and other health professionals to learn more about high quality emergency medicine. Scott’s goal is “Attempting to Bring Upstairs Care, Downstairs One Podcast at a Time.”

This week I came across a great video he shared from the Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) conference, by Cliff Reid. ┬áIt is a worth a listen no matter where you work in healthcare. For clinicians, it is a reminder about why leadership is important and it doesn’t mean non-clinical activities. For those in management roles in hospitals it is a fantastic reminder of the complexities that real life brings and the challenges clinicians are facing are NOT as simple as your pie charts and systemic numbers may lead you to believe. The talk is funny, educational, short, to the point, and you will not be board. Do yourself a favour and listen.

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