Digital tools travel better

While flying back to Toronto I’m amazed at how fast 4 days goes. It is also incredible how much work can get done so far from home. All without checking a bag.

Laptop in Porter Lounge

I had over 23 hours of meetings in that short time and did work in between. 80% of the meetings were in person, but 20% were online or by phone. The work was 80% digital and 20% hard copy.

One of the things I’m slowly learning is choosing the right tools for the right job. The more I can fit in a smaller bag the better, but it needs to be at the right balance for productivity. At this point I don’t think there is an easy answer. There is a lot of refinement needed.

One thing I have noticed is that it is a skill and a constant process. From across the rank of tasks and skills I’m using there is a range of novice to expert. As I continue to work my way to expert, and in many skills I’m far from there, it becomes easier to bring less.

For now my top tools for travel digital and paper are:

Google Hangout Meeting

What tools are essential for your travels? Work or leisure.

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