Better a Maker than Hacker

Last week I noticed Ted Eytan went to MakerMD in at the @Rock_Health headquarters. It looked like a great event, which I wished I could have attended. Perhaps I will get the the chance to attend another time. Fortunately, Ted pointed out that there is also a MakerNurse initiative.


Maker Nurse Blog Picture

Make magazine has been around for a while. A great magazine with Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, which also now has a growing “Maker” subculture. There are huge conferences and lots of small events where Makers get together to share what they have been working on. MakerMD and MakerRN are a niche within this group.

‘Maker culture’ emphasises learning-through-doing (constructivism) in a social environment. Maker culture emphasises informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfilment  – Wikipedia definition of Maker Culture

The idea of Maker culture in healthcare lines up nicely with HackingHealth, and extends beyond technology. Ever since I started studying nursing I’ve thought it is a profession that makes things work. Nurses are always changed with figuring out how to tailor solutions to patients, work with the limited resources that are available and problem solve to get things to work. So it is exciting to see others recognize and create partnerships around this skill set. Check out this video by lab at MIT that is supporting the MakerNurse initiative.


MakerNurse: The Stealth Ingenuity of Inventive Nurses from Maker Faire on

Definitely looking forward to seeing how this initiative grows and brings the ingenuity together with engineers. Should be exciting to see what happens.




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