Monday starts on Sunday

Sometimes my office gets messy. Especially after a long week. Sunday night after a good day of rest is my favourite time to get started on the week ahead.

Messy office

I don’t start all my projects though. Small things like cleaning up the clutter, looking at my calendar, resetting my to do list and setting my priorities for the week. It is also a great time to read. Especially when I’m cleaning. Cleaning is something that has to get done. Having a good audiobook is the only way I enjoy cleaning.

This week I’m excited to turn on a book I started reading over the weekend: Charity Case. After only a few chapters I highly recommend it for anyone who works for or in the charity/social or as Dan Pallotta hates to say the nonprofit world (check out his TED talk). It has definitely already been a great shift in perspective and refreshing my energy in expressing the important of social causes.


Charity Case

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