Spreading Improvement Through Leadership

Today was an inspiring day. It started off with a great discussion on variations in healthcare at Longwood’s Breakfast with the Chiefs. Although some of the data was a bit alarming to see, it was not depressing. Rather I found it encouraging. Hearing a group of clinicians, researchers, educators, policy-makers and other talking about healthcare services, delivery, and outcomes data was exciting.

Breakfast with the Chiefs

Looking at what we are doing beyond totals spent is key to improving what we are doing. As the Tom Closson shared, once you remove a cost from the budget it isn’t there next year to save money again. Instead of cutting a cost healthcare organizations need to look at how we can more effectively use every dollar.

Variation in healthcare

Later in the morning I was able to connect with Carol Beasley from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) about their new leadership alliance. IHI is exciting because they focus on delivering improvements, not just talking about doing better. Below is a short video on spreading innovation, which is clearly linked to leadership yet the focus is on change and improvement.

During the call with IHI we were talking about the IHI’s new Leadership Alliance. A program that is exciting because it will link together teams within organizations to drive change, as well as shared learning in the broader healthcare system. The IHI is doing a great job of promoting leadership, and keep the focus where it is needed – impact on the triple aim (better care, lower costs, better outcomes).

IHI High Impact Leadership

Definitely an exciting time to be focused on health care quality improvement. I can’t think of a more energizing way to start the day.

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