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Chapter on digital tools in Guidebook on Scientific Publishing

The Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research student working group put together a guidebook on scientific publishing, that will be released at the conference at the end of May. I was honoured to be ask last summer if I would consider writing a chapter on social media and digital tools. This week I received […]

Looking out side the profession

What is the future of the nursing or healthcare going to be? I guess your answer depends on how you define future. Do you mean this week, year, decade or century? Speaking about innovation often leads to questions about the future. Discussions about  better, best or the right direction to head can create great dialogue. […]

Speaking at RNAO AGM

While it is only a week away, I’m excited to say I’ve been invited to speak at the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario‘s Annual General Meeting. Specifically I will be to speaking at the Nursing Students of Ontario’s Leadership Luncheon. The focus of the talk will be the future of healthcare. Nursing Ideas: Thoughts on […]

Big Data is Powerful

Data is a collection of individual pieces of information. Those pieces of information come together in different ways and with consideration and analysis create knowledge, insights and innovation. There are a lot of people who believe in openness. I tend to be on the open side of the fence. Others counter sayings that privacy is […]

Human-computer Cooperation

Why digital tools won’t replace healthcare workers

Often in discussions about healthcare and technology eventually the conversation leads to robots replacing humans. There are a number of funny clips that “innovation experts” like to play of robots moving around hospitals seeing patients or operating. Many healthcare providers may wonder if their job is going to be at stake. In some cases yes, […]

Speaking with students: Talking about the risks and benefits of using digital tools in a social age

  This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association 2012 Ontario Regional Conference. I’ve  enjoyed being involved with CNSA since 2007, and was honoured by a Lifetime Membership in 2011. It is always fun going back to these conference because students are full of energy and excitement. In the talk […]


The CICC: A cluster of innovation in complex care

On Tuesday I stopped by the Centre for Innovation in Complex Care, at UHN’s Toronto General Hospital. It was not my first time coming by their weekly innovation rounds, and it definitely won’t be my last. Three years ago I came across the teams work while exploring other innovation focused groups during my time at the Health Strategy […]