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Pasquale Fiore's PDF on teaching health information science

Free resource for teaching health information science

A fantastic nurse, and a new friend, Pasquale Fiore MSc RN. We met virtually, and then in person at the Canadian Nurse’s Association in June 2012. Then after exchanging a few emails he sent me a great resource he had developed to share with a few other faculty who interested in teaching health information science. When […]

make meet healthcare

Maker meet healthcare

The majority of house hold products and gadgets are bought from the store and made in a distant location, at least in the developed world. This is a great thing because it allows us to focus on specialization and others can do things for cheaper. The down side is that we lose the skills we […]

free oha social media webinar

OHA Webcast Series

Thanks to the hard work of the two awesome members of the Ontario Hospital Association team – Katie Bryne and Ashley Weinhandl the webinar on Social Media are now live. There are 4 different perspectives on social media from various perspectives (Manager, MD, RN, Communications). If you sign up you can view any of the four videos you are […]

Robert Fraser's Nursing Ideas website

Websites do not get better with age

After talking about avoiding perfectionism, talking about complacency is important too. Complacency is just as damaging to online projects. I learned this lesson the hard way, with my website Nursing Ideas. When I recently looked at it, I wasn’t proud. I’ve been rightly distracted by a lot of other things. Between working at York University, […]

Rob Fraser website start

Avoid perfectionism

Perfectionism can sink a website or online project. Although it takes time to make a website perfection can stop it from moving forward and keep things offline for too long. Many organizations and individuals hold back on projects for weeks, months or years because it is not perfect. Perfectionism is especially dangerous within groups. Different […]

Rob Fraser Web Development


Well done is better than well SAID. -Benjamin Franklin Important words to remember. Talking about doing something is easy. Starting something, and finishing it is hard! Being able to start and push something through to completion is one of the biggest reasons for success for many people. Unfortunately, many of use struggle with this, at […]