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Healthcare Clinical Leadership is Important

Leadership is not just for the board room.

Lately I’ve been listening to a great podcast by Scott Weingart, called the EMCrit Podcast. The show is a great way for physicians, nurses and other health professionals to learn more about high quality emergency medicine. Scott’s goal is “Attempting to Bring Upstairs Care, Downstairs One Podcast at a Time.” This week I came across […]

@rdjfraser home healthcare remote monitoring

Hacking Health at Home

For those who are not familiar with #HackingHealth, I’m not referring to the type of hacking that involves accessing private information or damaging other’s computer systems. Instead, it is the Life Hacking definition: any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life; in other words, anything […]

Changing How We Train Others

Recently I was listening to a great Harvard Business Review podcast interviewing Salman Khan, of the Khan Academy. He said something that really resonated with the way I think and react to meetings and learning. If people are meeting, they don’t need a lecture; if you don’t need them to interact, information should just be in […]

Mobile Apps for Nurses

Nursing Apps to Manage Time

Currently the most accessible mobile apps for health providers focus on access to knowledge. It makes sense, as it is the lowest hanging fruit. This doesn’t meant that it is easy though, rather that it isn’t as complex as other challenges. There is a wide range of available options of apps out there for nurses. […]

Free online education: Who decides if it is failing?

Staying up to date with research or advancing my understanding of particular topics that were quickly covered in a semester (4 months) is always a challenge. Thankfully, social media is creating a whole new variety of learning options. Massively Open Online Courses – MOOC for short – are one of these new and great options. […]

Pasquale Fiore's PDF on teaching health information science

Free resource for teaching health information science

A fantastic nurse, and a new friend, Pasquale Fiore MSc RN. We met virtually, and then in person at the Canadian Nurse’s Association in June 2012. Then after exchanging a few emails he sent me a great resource he had developed to share with a few other faculty who interested in teaching health information science. When […]