I’m sure most people feel this way but, last week I realized that my own wedding is the best wedding I’ve ever been too. Being surrounded by family and friends for a few days. Then an amazing service followed by more time hanging out with loved ones, some amazing food, and one amazing party. I can say last saturday was the best day of my life! Our amazingly talented friend Christine Lim took pictures for us, which I’l be sure to share later. For now here is the one she sent the day after.

rob fraser and alanna fennell

If you want to see more of the important parts my brother-in-law Tim took a few clips and put them together for us.


As we said many many times on the day of, we feel so blessed to have such incredible people in our life. We can’t wait to continue to celebrate and grow with you all.


  I really haven’t posted to much here lately. There have been a few reasons for this and I’m hoping to get back to it now that things are settling down a bit, probably before a lot more busyness in May. However, I wanted to share a new role I started a few weeks ago. […]


As am writing this I’m high. Not that kind of high. 35 000 feet in the air high.  During an eight hour flight you have some time to reflect. Somewhere in-between trying to write an article I need to finish this week, updating another wedding spreedsheet wedding, and adding to the checklist of things to […]


This fall when I was getting my resumé and portfolio together I came across this poem a patient wrote for me. I still keep a lot of those journals and a couple artifacts from my past. The help to anchor me and remind me how far I’ve come. Discernment Hesistant! At first! In dimensions unfamiliar; […]

As some of you may have noticed last week I was working own my own. For those non-nurses, basically during my orientation (8 shifts) I worked with another nurse. At first I would look after two patients and watch how they managed their day, flow on the unit and get a sense of their thinking. […]