At the beginning of the week I finally started going to the gym again, which for most is a great chance to listen to their favourite playlist. For me going to the gym is one of my favourite times to listen to podcasts. It is not very often that you get an hour to yourself to listen to an audio program without feeling guilty another reason I like driving by myself).

One of my all time favourite podcasts is the Stanford Entrepreneurship Lectures, a conversation and Q&A session with some of the leading entrepreneurs. Topics include how they got started, what they took in school, major shaping experiences and their advice on any number of issues. One theme that seems to continually come up, and I have heard in other places is the attribution for their success being the ability to always learn.

None of these people knew what they were doing, until they began doing it. There was always a time that they had to work extremely hard to keep up with the demands of what they were doing. This is something I can relate to, whether it was how to handle school work, how to launch a website, or how to handle a full patient-load as a nursing student.

Although I had heard about life long learning and that things always change, I think it has finally sunk in. There is no point in life when learning stops, and there is no career where you will have all the skills you need. In order to continue to grow, succeed and keep up with change the ability to learn new skills, continually take in new information and make inferences is crucial.

I have finally learned that I will always be learning, and I am alright with that. The thought is a bit daunting, and I worry that I don’t have the energy, but for them most part I think it is exciting.